All Details About The Residence In Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life is a game with the huge number of tasks and events. It is the best game for the people of all ages. By playing this unique, it is not hard to reduce the stress level. The U-play online company offers it for the users of Android and IOS devices. It is a small game it needs only 30 MB of space on your mobile phone. For the Android users, it is must to have the 4.4 android versions to play it perfectly. It is a paid game, and you have to spend the money to download it. Moreover, it is still popular than many free games.

In the game, you can see a lot of residences to complete the tasks and challenges. Here you can meet a lot of rooms, and all have their importance in the game.

Mom’s house

It is the type of residence in the youtubers life, and you need to use it to complete the first easy tasks. Players have to spend some coins to use the other rooms. Mom’s house is a place where you grew up, and here you can learn many of new things by using the guide.

1st Apartment

It is like an own room where you can see the fridge and some food. Here players can recharge their energy by eating the food. You need to upgrade these places time by time. It helps you in needy time when you don’t have the energy to make new videos.

2nd Apartment

It is the place where you make the videos and spend the time with friends. This Apartment is divided into two floors, and you can use it to complete the daily tasks and recipes. All the Apartments can help you to complete the tasks by using the different places.

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