We have bridal makeup according to the tone of your skin

Together with your dress, hairstyle, and shoes, bridal makeup is of utmost importance to achieve a perfect look on your wedding day and highlight your beauty. In many occasions it is not enough to apply the bride’s favorite colors; it is essential to know what the tones that highlight your features are and that favor the tone of your skin. See here what we have for you!

Here are some keys that will guarantee success in your wedding makeup:

Makeup for brides who have clear skin
In spring and summer, each and every one of us wants to show off a tanned skin, but on many occasions, our skin becomes irritated and reddened by the hours of exposure to the sun. If you have a very clear and sensitive skin, which irritates quickly, for the wedding day you should select bases with beige shades and correctors with a yellowish hue and elude the bases of makeup with pink tones.

Choose soft shades for your blush or blush. Iridescent blushes are a great option for your makeup as a bride because they will give a metallic flash to your cheeks and cheekbones. The pink tones are ideal for this skin tone on your wedding day. It is indicated so that, as a bride, it lasts you throughout the whole day and all night. And in case you have tanned enough chooses to accentuate your look with a makeup with shades a bit darker and somewhat more saturated, like fuchsia. Check out more here.

For eyeshadows choose champagne, golden or cool tones such as plum. Shades of pastel, lilac, and pink shades are ideal to add color to your tan, always without overloading the makeup. If your wedding is daytime avoid the black eyeliner on the lower eyelid since it hardens the look and contrasts a lot with your clear skin. Opt for a delineated upper eyelid retro-fifties eyes in black, copper or smoke gray. On the lips, a rose always and at all times looks good with clear skin. If you prefer a more intense makeup choose a fuchsia or red, in matte and long-lasting textures.

Bridal makeup for medium tone skin
Opt for warm shades in your foundation that provides lighting and avoid cold colors such as beige, greenish or violet tones. The eyeshadows in earth tones will be your allies for a bridal makeup day, we will combine copper, gold and bronze tones. If you want a more natural eye look you can use copper eyeliner instead of traditional black. If the wedding is in the evening, opt for a style of shadows in exactly the same bronze shades, darker in smoke with black eyeliner. Give a touch to your cheeks and cheekbones with golden powders or bronzes will make your makeup look more. Then apply a blush in orange tones with a touch of brightness.

Want to know more, see here. Finally, and to show off your beauty as a bride, on the lips bet on coral colors. You can give them a final touch with gloss for a fresher effect (ideal for weddings at night) or you can use for a full coverage lip with the matte finish.

Bridal makeup for brunettes
This kind of skin tans easily and in this season they shine with light bases in light textures that do not recharge your skin and in warm tones. The colors that stand out most in this genre of semblances are the intense and golden and metallic textures. For a bridal day look, use makeup shades in bronze, gold and beige shades with eyeliners in copper tones and chocolates, and the black mask or dark brown (waterproof) for your lashes. Dare with green shades, iridescent and blue that are trendy and are your best allies to achieve a stunning look with your eyes. The green and blue eyeliners will also be ideal for the bridal look throughout the night. For a day look, use shades of gold or beige.

For the cheekbones and cheeks choose the plum or the oranges.

The brides who wear the day of their wedding the dark skin can make use of intense lipsticks such as oranges and fuchsia. If ceremonial is throughout the day uses translucent colors, beige, nude and orange for a more natural look.

Essential tricks for bridal makeup at your wedding
Next, we will give a series of valid and useful tips for all brides before their weddings. Before even thinking about makeup, start by doing peelings, exfoliate and also moisturize your skin. Then, start with time to design your makeup or ask a make-up artist to do a test in advance; do not leave it for the last day before your wedding, because you will not have achieved anything more than unnecessary nerves. Click here, for more information.

A bride has to bet on a good makeup base, a good product is essential. Light, that covers the imperfections more than a mask. I never tire of insisting; So that the makeup is perfect, that the skin has to be luminous and transparent. That’s why, for your wedding day, invest in a good foundation of makeup.

Dazzle as a girlfriend
If you want to look tanned, which favors a lot, we recommend you use satin tonalizers. It is better to use an express tan to expose yourself to the sun. To highlight the lips, the trendiest colors are the coral and orange-fuchsia in each and every one of its ranges, in matt or glossy. Combine the colors. A detail to take into consideration is that the makeup does not clash with the headdress or the bouquet or with that touch of color that you gave the dress. Clearly, they are not colors that we are used to for a bride, but orange, fuchsia, gold, blue and green are very flattering colors for almost every skin tone. The key is to find in the range, which is the ideal for you. Bet on the color. Get to know more here. As it is a day full of emotions, use waterproof masks and ask your friends to bring the nuances and lipstick you have used in your makeup for small touches.