Who is Stuart Feintuch?

Stuart Feintuch is a dedicated dentist and he provides the right dental care. He has made it his career to see everyone satisfied and beautiful and he specializes in the dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain Zirconium bridges and root canal therapy. Other jobs include invisalign, implants over dentures and sleep apnea appliances.  He offers professional and friendly services and it means that you will be rest assured that you will get comfortable service.

Dr Stuart Feintuch understands the difference which makes the person want to work with the dentist who is dedicated and who cares after his health. In this way, he ensures that he gives every client individual attention that they deserve and he makes sure that he had invested into the wellbeing of the clients as the first priority.  You can always trust the Dr Feintuch to offer the services you need for all the dental needs that you want to address and it can be simple checkup or the root canal.  You may also want to start the invasalign for improving the health and the smile that you always wanted to have.

Stuart Feintuch was born in the city of Brooklyn, in New York and he went to Columbia University where he did Dental Medicine and he received the doctor of the Dental Surgery in the year 1978.  After the graduation, he got accepted to the post graduate program at General Practice Residency of Westchester County Medical Center. When she completed the program, he continued to attend to new residents.

In the year 1978, he started his private practice and his successful practice was at Bay Ridge in the city of Brooklyn and he remained in the place for more than 35 years. Everyone praises him and he always get the best reviews and he has the practice that it is known to be among the best in the city of Bay Ride or Great Neck.

He is happily married and his wife is called Fran.  She has a doctorate in the Speech Pathology and she is a professor on Queens College. He is a father of 5 children with 6 grandchildren. He has a son called Benjamin and a daughter called Michelle and they both followed into his footsteps and they work in Bayridge office.  Two sons in-law Steven and Robert also works as practicing dentists. His daughter called Rachel, she is about to receive the doctorate in the psychology and his twin sons called Joshua and Jeremy are doing medicine at the NYU university. Her daughter in law works as a physician and she is doing radiology residency with North Shore University Hospital.

Stuart Feintuch together with his family wants to make sure that their patients are treated with the right care. Their office uses high tech and it has the latest technology and equipments. He is the expert when it comes to all the phases of the dentistry and this includes the root canal therapy, invisalign, prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry.   Continuing with the education is important to the dentist and this ensures that all his patient get the best care available.